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Shoppers Guide to Pesticides Part 2 - Organic Myths

Organic Myths


Myth: Organic food is too expensive.

Fact: In general, organic food costs more than conventional food because of the laborious and time-intensive systems used by the typically smaller organic farms. You may find that the benefits of organic agriculture off-set this additional cost. At the same time, there are ways to purchase organic while sticking to your budget. Consider the following when questioning the price of… Continue

Posted on April 20, 2009 at 2:52pm — 6 Comments

Shopper's Guide to Pesticides

I thought this would be worthwhile and informative to share with everyone. The link at the end has a down loadable chart you can print, cut out and carry with you when shopping.

Most Contaminated: THE DIRTY DOZEN

Consistent with two previous EWG investigations, fruits topped the list of the consistently most contaminated fruits and vegetables, with seven of the 12 most contaminated foods. The seven were peaches… Continue

Posted on April 3, 2009 at 10:30am — 6 Comments

My prayer for the New year...................

bonne année

próspero año nuevo

Glückliches Neujahr

anno nuovo felice

Gelukkige nieuwjaar

с новым годом

glad nytt år

etc.................. may peace abound and wrap us all within it’s embrace. Peace to man and man kind. May brotherhood take hold and teach all men the The Golden Rule. For we are the world. We are the children. We are the one's that will help to make a brighter… Continue

Posted on December 27, 2008 at 5:08pm — 4 Comments

Keep everything in focus

Would like to share the following, as stressful times fall around us...........................................

Ten Simple Things

By Steve Moeller

December 1, 2008

These are indeed interesting and extremely challenging times for all of us in the financial services industry. And they are taking a toll on advisors. This was driven home for me when I visited one of my favorite advisors in early October. As I walked into George Wislar's office at Wislar Wealth… Continue

Posted on December 17, 2008 at 3:17pm — 3 Comments

Comment Wall (25 comments)

At 10:06pm on August 17, 2007, Penny Anderson said…
Hi Debbie, I'm not familiar with Roccoco, but if you can describe them, maybe I do know of a recipe. I know different areas can have different names for the same recipe.
At 12:18pm on October 27, 2007, Paul said…
I am overwhelmed at the friendly responses I am getting but let’s not take this to fast
As I told John just friends at first.
At 8:40am on November 16, 2007, Liz said…
Mrs. B, is it true that honey never goes bad? I have had a jar in the cabinet for years and I just went to have some the other day... I was then stopped by my Mother, telling me it was too old! (She always likes to make sure I don't eat things that have gone bad) I somehow remember you telling me that honey could never go bad... am I wrong??? Delete Comment
At 7:38am on November 19, 2007, Liz said…
Mrs. B! The honey was just perfect! I used it in my tea and I eat it by the spoonful now, hahaha! :) Didn't throw it away, no worries! My Mom says thanks for the information and she always worries too much!
At 3:21pm on December 19, 2007, Lori Moras said…
Thanks for the quick response! I checked that web page and that recipe isn't there. Was planning to make it tomorrow, any chance of it hitting the page by then? If not, I'll improvise, looks pretty simple to make!
At 9:34am on January 5, 2008, Mary Taylor said…
Hi Debbie - I told Paul that he shouldn't send anything, since that was decided. But, he wanted to send a small token - I wanted to eat the small tokens! Actually, you should be very impressed that they made it to you, because Paul has very little willpower with chocolate! Don't send anything, just come and visit again! P,S and I went to NYC on Friday, 12/28 - it was a beautiful day! We walked all over and saw Spelling Bee. Stan liked it, so we will go back again sometime. I will post a picture of us in NY!
At 10:25am on January 5, 2008, Paul said…
Please don't send us anything
You guys are way ahead of us in xmas gift giving.
I just wanted to send a token of we'll you know.
We will visit in the near futre and you will have to buy massive quantites of food for our voracious appetites. Joy to you
Just enjoy those balls.
At 1:51pm on February 26, 2008, Cheryl said…
Hey Debbie....
Thanks for the comment....and your db's chicken looks really great....I am going to give it a try I really don't eat meat but do eat chick once in a while. I don't cook with any skin on the chicken so I am hoping it will still be good. I really don't have to many ways of cooking my seafood.... basicly. I am very plain...... steam most everything, with a lot a spices of course. I do have a
couple of really good seafood recipes you might like I will have to put them on here when i have a little free time. Thanks again for your comment. Glad to hear you like the same GREAT FOODS I do. More people need to eat healthy.
At 4:55pm on April 4, 2008, Sandy M. Bushberg said…
Thank you Debbie. I agree with you about the value of honey. Not only do people take for granted the effort put into producing it by one of the greatest socialized communities in the world, but most people also don't know about the great medicinal powers of honey.
At 6:07pm on May 1, 2008, Melody Barrows said…
Sounds great, you'll have to keep me posted.

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