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My dissertation on the "Pizza, Dammit" forum

Most good cooks will make their own pizza even if there is an exemplary pizza place in town (which is most likely NOT the case) for 3 reasons: 1- They have total freedom of how they want it. 2- They don't have to sit in a restaurant to eat it (take-out is NOT an option as pizza was not designed to be transported in a paper box as one would realize when they receive their limp and cold order at their door) and 3- Its easy.

Bread on the other hand, as Johnny has made note of (somewhere… Continue

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Stay tuned! Debbie takes on Sauerbraten for my birthday!

As is the custom around here, the birthday person gets the meal and cake of their choice for their birthday. This year I have chosen sauerbraten with potato pancakes, red cabbage, ginger snap gravy and a Boston Cream Pie, ALL of which Debbie is going to take on alone, unless she can get our daughter to pitch in. Stay tuned for pics and outcome of this extravaganza! GO DEB-BIE, GO DEB-BIE.

NOTE: I can't guarantee I won't be sticking my 2 cents in as I pass through the kitchen. As a…


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Restaurants, cooking channels, food competitions, blah,blah, yeah, yeah, yeah....

I am not a fan of any of these things. A restaurant I might go to maybe once a year, more if on the road, but otherwise they bring nothing "to my table". I would much prefer, if I were eating out, to go to someone elses house for their cooking, whether it turns out great or least its an unpretentious atmosphere and the food is more "real" rather than contrived. Cooking shows, although they may have some merit for some people, are basically dopey and are designed:… Continue

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Time To Make Some Bread

Follow the link for step by step instructions for making my rendition of the "No Knead Bread".

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Truth be known, our sister Judy, never had much desire to be stuck in the kitchen. With that said, her kitchen prowess is not the same as mine or Johnny's. However, that does not mean she did or does not experiment from time to time. Now that her kids are grown up and she has grand-kids running around she spends a little more time concocting something or another which in itself (experimentation) is great however the results may turn out. Since she is not a member yet as she does not…


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