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Make Food Choices Simple: Cook!

In The New York Times July 2, 2011 Op-Ed page, Mark Bittman makes his case for homecooking vis-a-vis going out to a restaurant.


 Read the article here.


Some quotes extracted here if you don't have time for the whole article. It's…


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Is Sugar Toxic?

I once heard an interview with Jack LaLanne, just a couple of years ago. He died recently in his 90's. Until his death pictures of him still showed a robust man, fit as a fiddle, and the epitome of health. Sure his addiction to exercise was legendary. But what most people don't know was what he wasn't addicted to. Sugar!


He told the interviewer, that as a young man (in his teens) he was unhealthy, hyper-active and a trouble-maker. Then he quit eating anything that…


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salt ... or not

I am a fan of salt - not "saltiness". I tell my grandchildren that salt is necessary and good for you. We are composed mainly of salt water.

In a new study, lower intake of sodium can lead to increased risk of death, stroke, and heart disease - maybe even diabetes.

“If the goal is to prevent hypertension” with lower sodium consumption, said the lead author, Dr. Jan A. Staessen, a professor of medicine at the University of Leuven, in Belgium, “this study shows it does not… Continue

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.... the goose is getting fat

Still a couple of weeks 'til Christmas, so there's just enough time to order that goose. For all of you folks out there who subconsciously stroll into the supermarket a couple of days before the big meal and drag another butterball turkey out of the frozen food case .... STOP!

What I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving is that it only comes once a year - and that's the only day I have to cram a mouthful of turkey down my gullet. Sure, if you buy a fresh, free-range, antibiotic and…


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Cooking With Dexter

This is a little story about one man's learning experience ... cooking with his 5 year old son

Cooking With Dexter
in the New York Times Sunday magazine March 7, 2010.

Teaching kids to eat well and how to cook can work both ways:

Writes Pete Wells (BTW Dexter is 5):

"If I am cooking and Dexter is awake, then we’re together. I try not… Continue

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Nood Food

Sure, we all like dishes that have great sauces or a plethora of tasty flavorings adorning or mixed into them. Certainly that's what keeps restaurants open and chefs employed. And that's what fill most cookbooks and food sections of magazines and newspapers. Nothing wrong with that. But what you don't often see in any of these venues is the simple presentation of a good ingredient - "Nood Food"!

I mean things like a grilled steak with salt (no steak sauce), a chicken simply roasted in… Continue

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Duck Confit - one of the many things that the French do right.

I'm writing this mainly as a response to several of my friends who have asked me to show them how to make duck confit. Since most people rarely have a a couple of quarts of rendered duck fat lying around, it's often difficult to demonstrate in person, unless they happen to be visiting me - because I typically do have the stuff on hand. One of my friends also happens to be in the habit of using the fat for making French fries when he's visiting - which I… Continue

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Good Food in Honolulu (?)

My friend, Andy, who was good enough to take me to Honolulu on a little junket declared that "there was no good food" there. I was determined to find some. Searching my iPhone for little places with good reviews, I discovered many that were well off the beaten path - and therefore not easily accessible from our hotel in Waikiki. Lo, on a bus ride back from the base of Diamond head after a hike, we passed a little place that had the look from the outside of a little run down trattoria one might… Continue

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Nothing Fishy About Fish

Fresh Sardines Grilled Over Charcoal Flavored With Scallion and Rosemary Leaves

What's the difference between this dish and almost all fish recipes you'll see in modern cookbooks, magazines, and newspapers? I'll help you out .... it's simply fish with an infused flavoring that heightens and complements the basic flavor of the fish. Today I was reading the local newspaper's food section which comes out on Tuesdays.… Continue

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The First International Holiday Breakfast-Dinner Fest

Yesterday, to celebrate the Holidays (and the impending end of 2009 - hurray!) we held the First Annual International Holiday Breakfast-Dinner Fest ... a feat never before executed in the history of the world. Our neighbors, Brian and Kyra, and our mutual friends, Laura, Laurent, Romain, and Florian (our "neighbors" in the outskirts of Paris) Skyped over a breakfast here of French toast (as envisioned by Melissa Clark, food writer for the NYTimes) and pictured below, and in France over a dinner… Continue

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The Third Annual G. Napoleone Memorial Meatball Cook-off (2009)

Another successful rendition of the now famous Portland G.Napoleone Meatball Contest.

The History:

Founder - John Barrows: "The third annual G. Napoleone meatball

cook-off commemorates the inaugural event three years ago when Jumbo

Conway's parents were in town for Thanksgiving. Jumbo was bragging on his

mamma's meataballs - and I started bragging on my grandfather Napoleone's

meataballs.… Continue

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"Injun" food

No, the term "Injun" is not a racial slur. The English wired-jaw rulers of India pronounced the word "Indian" as "Injun".

Indian cooking (in this case vegetarian cuisine of the south) is a great example of a regional cuisine, and the simplicity and purity that define it. No, I'm not an expert on Indian cooking, but I have taught myself enough to discover the simple beauty of it's basic premise. That is, using the methods and spices proven over the millennia, and ingredients that grow… Continue

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Food, Inc.

Rent and watch the documentary "Food, Inc." (inspired by Michael Pollan's books)

Total corporate control of our nation's food supply from seed to market to table is literally poisoning us - worse than even the tobacco industry. It is even infiltrating and contaminating the world's food supply.

At the very least boycott anything made by Monsanto, Dyson, Smithfield. Anything containing high-fructose corn syrup or made with any kind of soybean product - and any man-made,… Continue

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What, me worry? (about what I eat)

In Saturday's (10/31/09) NYTimes, Nicolette Niman (yes, of the famous Niman Ranch) makes a rational argument for why meat is not necessarily the root of all climate change evil.

Yes, we all know that we (people that is) are responsible for climate change - though I still haven't seen a clear explanation of why we should care or start panicking since having a little warmer weather here in Oregon, and maybe a little more sunshine would not be unwelcome. But one of the arguments that… Continue

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So you think you know pasta?

Every now and then my faith in the rationality of the world is sustained by article's like the one in today's NY Times by Rachel Donadio entitled "So You Think You Know Pasta".

In the article she talks about ORETTA ZANINI DE VITA, the pre-eminent Italian food historian's new book, "The Encyclopedia of Pasta".

Read the article and be amazed that there… Continue

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Read All About It. Julia Child is Dead! May she rest in peace.

By way of response to Christopher Kimball's Op-Ed ("Gourmet to All That") in the Oct. 8, 2009 New York Times:

Oh dear! I had always wanted to meet Julia Child. But alas, she has passed away, as Christopher Kimball has noticed. I always loved her charm, as did many millions of other people. And the fact that she never took herself too seriously (unlike Mr. Kimball). So… Continue

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The Sicilian "pie"

No picture here - we have pictures of Sicilian pizza on the site already. But the story is I made one the other night for the kids. I used almost 3 batches of Patrick's no-knead dough and filled a pizzeria sized pan of 18" X 26" with a thick chewy crust.

Adorned with a fresh sauce made with onion, garlic and oregano - and covered with fresh mozzarella. Half was anchovy and caper (the most classic Sicilian recipe) and the other half with peperoni.

Surprisingly this was the… Continue

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It's A Dog's Life

Whence came dogs? The theory is that all the doggy breeds came from wolves. And the theory around that was they descended from wolves gathering around the cavemen's fire looking for scraps. Then they were domesticated as protection, for hunting, and companionship. Wrong! Turns out that all the breeds of dog started in what is now China about 14,000 years ago as food! This is a cooking blog - remember?

In the Tuesday Sept. 8 NYTimes Nicholas Wade posits the theory of dogs as ancient… Continue

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The Pizza Page

With pizza being such a universal favorite, we decided to create a page dedicated to just that....PIZZA. Here you will find creations from us and members. Add your pizza creations as you make them here. Enjoy!

See photo detail here

See photo detail… Continue

Added by John Barrows on August 9, 2009 at 2:00pm — 5 Comments

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