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Is our life span actually increasing?

According to professional analysts, humans are living longer now than they were 100 years ago. However, I have to dispute this. It is true that modern medicine has improved greatly and cures are being discovered and treatments finely honed. BUT, what against? Take, if you will, this hypothesis. I state that if people 100 years ago had today's medical technology BUT NO OTHER CHANGES (ie; more cars, computers, etc....all the other stuff of the current modern day, basically, everything else was 100 years old) that their life expectancy would be greater than those of us living today. My theory is that the food which they ate 100 years ago was not adulterated as it is today. Essentially, they ate "clean" food. Plus, add to that they were by nature, more active. So, they absorbed little, if any, environmental pollution or additives whether by breathing or eating. This means they were on the whole, a fitter and healthier group. However, diseases still occurred and many died early without the help of today's medicine. That said, if these people of 100 years ago had NOTHING ELSE MODERN but today's medicine, they would have lived longer than people of today. Why? Because, today's medicine is basically fighting today's illnesses brought on by today's environment and adulterated food, not to mention typical sedentary live styles. In the the end this means that medicine today's is keeping unhealthier people alive longer by combating today's perceived progress of mankind. Reread this if you didn't get the first time. It will eventually sink in and then you will see the logic or non-logic of the world.

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Comment by Debbie on December 14, 2008 at 4:21pm
Good points. It is a shame that 100 years ago there wasn't the medical knowledge and technology we have today. If they did we would still be having family dinners with our parents, grandparents, maybe even possibly our great grandparents. Today with the medical knowledge and technology people are able to live longer, however, the quality to their lives have been taken away (in some instances). As I stated in the other post; people live the way they choose; no one makes the choices for them. As generations are born, the cultures, traditions, lifestyles of yesteryear are diluted along the way. Life has become harder as people became richer. One hundred years ago, chances are the poorer you were, perhaps the more healthier you were (sans today's medical advances). We, as a nation, built on capitalism, have become greedier, fatter, more despicable than people 100 years ago. . I remember stories my grandmother had shared with me about how everyone pulled together during the depression. Neighbors cooking meals for another neighbor, etc. Today, you need to watch your back when at the ATM. I would take society back then as opposed to society today. The less people in the world, the less bad stuff that is going to happen; the more people in the world, well things just get out of control. And the human race is certainly out of control.
Comment by John Barrows on December 15, 2008 at 5:17pm
I get it, Patrick. Yes, your logic is good.

But, regardless of that argument, I still question the culture that says, "keep all those old, diabetic, overweight, smoking, couch-potato bastards alive at all costs!" That's why our health care system is out of control cost-wise. We're spending 2 or 3 times (or more) than other civilized countries on health care, and it's bankrupting us (and the companies we work for like GM). I've heard something like 66% of our health care costs are for keeping old people alive for the last year of their lives. And probably the other third is keeping unhealthy slobs alive for a few extra years. Nancy's mother for instance was on oxygen for umpteen years with emphasyma (sp?) and still smoked! Now the point you make about the old days - before we had all these miracle cures for old age - can be also looked at from the point of view that when it was time for someone to die of an incurable disease, or old age (or getting hit by a bus), then they were allowed to die gracefully and with dignity. Their time had come. Now, we're not allowed to do that, and we're told we're not allowed to make that decision for ourselves either. Even people who get hit by a bus are put on life support until some lawsuit allows them to be removed. In my opinion there are 2 reasons for this: 1., we are afraid of aging, and dying. Dying is no longer a part of life. It's to be avoided at all costs. And 2., the drug companies have a vested interest in heaping countless drugs on us that we can take, while lying in our nursing home beds, for years and years and years until the insurance money or personal savings run out. That's one hell of a culture we've got! We swapped honest, healthful eating and living for eating hi-fructose corn syrup and watching TV on our lazy asses. America is fat - and drug addicted. And obsessed with youth. And afraid that it's miserable collective life will end.
Comment by Patrick on December 16, 2008 at 4:04am
How 'bout the Mets. huh?
Comment by John Barrows on December 16, 2008 at 11:53am
Had to get that off my chest. (anyway, you started it)
Comment by Debbie on December 16, 2008 at 5:34pm
Ditto to what John said x 10, and then some!!


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