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Improvisational Tuscan-Provençal-Catalan Cookery (and other good stuff to eat)

Sure, we all like dishes that have great sauces or a plethora of tasty flavorings adorning or mixed into them. Certainly that's what keeps restaurants open and chefs employed. And that's what fill most cookbooks and food sections of magazines and newspapers. Nothing wrong with that. But what you don't often see in any of these venues is the simple presentation of a good ingredient - "Nood Food"!

I mean things like a grilled steak with salt (no steak sauce), a chicken simply roasted in the oven, a pork chop slowly browned and cooked to tenderness in a heavy skillet, fresh greens steamed in some olive oil and water, green beans steamed and squirted with lemon, fish pan sauteed in some salt pork fat, cooked polenta cooled and sliced and grilled in butter, asparagus on the grill, a plain cornmeal cake sprinkled with powdered sugar, a fresh home-baked baguette with butter with your black cup of coffee in the morning, a sliced pear and some cheese for dessert, olives and sliced salame for an appetizer, mashed or boiled potatoes with butter or french fries cooked in duck fat, spaghetti with olive oil and pepper, sliced fennel dunked in olive oil, a fried egg, a cup of plain yogurt.

Just tasting the intrinsic goodness of a good basic chunk of food - especially if it's organic or grass-fed or free-range - and appreciating it for what it is ..........

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Comment by Patrick on March 3, 2010 at 9:39am
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