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Of course, unless you live under a rock (and that might not be a bad place to reside at times in this world) you may have heard about the NYC broo-ha-ha regarding 2 restaurants named "Obamas Fried Chicken". Naturally, the activists are jumping all over this and staging for boycotts and rallies. Does it ever end?

If anybody did a little search on history we would learn about soul food, its origins and what it consists of. There is nothing derogatory about soul food. It has a place in history and in itself is an art to prepare and a delight to eat no matter what color you are. Soul food developed in the southern USA. The south has traditionally been a poor area whether you are black or white. Given this scenario, people began cooking and eating with what they had available and what they could afford. Not any different than the peasant beginnings of many nationalities. There is nothing to be ashamed of in going back to these roots and in fact this is what we do on this site.

There is no negative racial underpinnings here. Take for example this scenario. If I wanted really good authentic Italian food, I would seek out a real authentic restaurant or someone that can convey the real thing. If I wanted Spanish, French or Soul food I would do the same thing.

I have eaten soul prepared by black friends and it was great. I would not trust soul food cooked by a northern white person simply because it does not posses the "heart and soul" of its roots and secrets.

Yes, certain foods have been referred to blacks over the years on a racially bias theme but if you look at it for what it actually is, the aspersions are only unknowledgeable remarks.

You see, soul food (of which southern fried chicken is a part of) is an important development of food from a specific region and people not unlike another country or it's people. Therefore, there really is no issue here. It is actually more of a homage to a (in this case) special way of preparing chicken which was perfected by black people from a specific region. For this particular dish to live on is a tribute to its goodness not a regression to disrespect.

That said, all you activists, put down your signs and respect a heritage that was begun and perfected by your ancestors.

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Comment by John Barrows on April 9, 2009 at 6:33pm
Well said, bro' (oops that may be racist)

haven't read the articles about this, but I assume that Al Sharpton's involved. Now, I've heard Obama describe himself as a "mongrel" - as we all are.

The only way I can describe Al Sharpton is - IDIOT!
Comment by John Barrows on April 10, 2009 at 5:33pm
Here's the news:

"NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg says a New York City fried chicken restaurant named after President Obama could probably find a more appropriate name.

The mayor was asked Wednesday about the controversy surrounding the Brooklyn eatery. Community activists say the manager of Obama Fried Chicken told them he would change the name because of its racial overtones, but now says it will stay.

Mohammad Jabbar says the name was chosen as a tribute to the president. The restaurant is in Brownsville, a predominantly black neighborhood.

Activist Kevin McCall says the name is "very offensive to African Americans." Another protest is planned for Saturday.

The White House says the administration disapproves of using the president's name and likeness for commercial purposes."

Here's my comment:

Get over it! If all black people would take Obama's advice, we'd be free of all this race card stuff. The issue here is a potential civil case if Obama wanted to sue over use of his name. But he's a bigger man than that, and bigger than many of his race - apparently.


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