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Improvisational Tuscan-Provençal-Catalan Cookery (and other good stuff to eat)
It's neither Italian, nor Tuscan, nor Provencale - it's Mexican! And it's easy and delicious.

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Comment by Jonathan Louie on May 2, 2011 at 12:21pm

Whoa, you don need so much salt, bruddah! Take a cue from the Koreans serving up Sul-long-tong. Leave it bland and put a stone rocksalt bowl on the table. Salt and dried oregano, chpped-onions, and warm, fresh handpatted, corn tortillas is traditional.


Also, better for you and makes the kitchen smell more yummy--forget the can of hominy. Get dried posole (corn), and simmer it in lime water to slake it. This breaks down the corn quickly but better yet, increases its protein potency which humans cannot otherwise access from corn. That's why polenta was poor people food. There is no protein in corn, UNLESS it's been slaked in limewater (alkali, not the fruit please). This is how the Mayans and the Aztecs fed their empire. Your house smells like a real tortilleria too! Slaked corn is called nixtmal, word tamale somewhere in there, and cooking in slaked lime is called nixtmalization. And while we're on the devilish details, it's pronounced, puh-SSOE-leh.

Comment by John Barrows on May 2, 2011 at 1:22pm
I'll be slaking from now on! Thanks for the tip!


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